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Specialising in asset digitisation and diagnostics using cutting edge technology.

Get the asset intelligence software that streamlines the creation of routine asset inspection reports through real-time data and analytics.


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The specialised asset digitisation and diagnostics smarts that you need to save on time, money and manual resources

As a leader in the asset management industry you personally know that routine asset inspections can be time and manpower heavy to get the job done. We want to help you minimise risk and reduce costs, without sacrificing data quality. 

Skand enhances your workflow to help reduce your overall asset inspection cycle.

Our software will tackle the defects found on your building (via UAV captured imagery) and create a comprehensive inspection survey report that can be shared with just yourself, your entire team and even directly with your client.

Create a 3D model

See the complete picture of your asset in real-time with automated image processing.

Analyse your asset

Identify defects and share your findings with shareable and bespoke reports.

Safety & Compliance

Plan for safe outcomes by developing practical action plans for your contractor and asset.

Put your assets in safe hands

With our sophisticated, user friendly technology, you’ll see the complete picture of your asset - so you can minimise risk and reduce costs, without sacrificing data quality. 

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Case Study - The Year in Infrastructure Awards, London 2018

Building Envelope Inspection Powered by Machine Learning and Reality Modeling for RMIT University Brunswick Campus - Read more

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