Pricing & Billing:

No, you can stay on the pay as you go option and simply pay a higher rate. You won’t be able to share data outside of your account though.
Being subscribed will mean you are billed each month at the selected plan. This also provides access to the lower skan rate per meter. All the features are exactly the same with the exception that you won’t be able to share data out of your account if you are on the PAYG option.
As some buildings are owned by a different company to that which is managing them we needed to provide flexibility to get the correct invoice to the correct company.
As some buildings are owned by a different company to that which is managing them we needed to provide flexibility to get the correct invoice to the correct company.
No. We will deliver the skan to your account regardless of the invoice being paid or not. You won’t be able to download, print or share data that is represented in a report for that skan until the invoice is paid, but you will be able to check out the results in the web app.

Logins & Users:

For Enterprise, Premium Partner and Scale there is unlimited numbers of users for each organization. There is however, a limit of one user per account if you are subscribed as a third party analyst.
No. Users that are setup as staff will only see Skans that belong to them unless they have had the data for a skan shared with them. Executives will see data for the entire organisation.
Only key management roles should be setup with executive status. Executive users have global access to skan data across all sites and organisations.

Sharing Data:

You can share data with anyone inside your organization as long as the invoice for that skan has been paid and you are subscribed to a plan. If the invoice for that Skan is unpaid or you are on the PAYG plan you will only be able to view the skan on your computer.
Examples of when sharing data would make sense might be; needing to get an opinion on a defect identified by Skand; showing a third party the data so they can quote on rectification works etc.
It’s most likely that you are on a PAYG plan and thus don’t have the functionality to share data. The only way you can share data out of your account is to subscribe.

Capture Process:

We currently recommend the Phantom 4 Professional by DJI. Our system will allow processing from other drones but we highly recommend contacting capture@skand.io prior to uploading to verify the image type will be accepted.
Generally speaking YES. If you have a dataset that was captured prior to discovering Skand and you want to see if this can be used, we recommend contacting us at capture@skand.io to see if the data is ok to upload.
Once the imagery is uploaded, our processing team will run an analysis to see whether the data can be used and the likelihood of producing a usable 3D model. If the imagery fails our analysis Skand will notify you of the issue and what led to the failure and how to rectify. You will not be billed for this analysis.
We will endeavor to notify you either way as to a successful or problematic upload within 7 days of uploading. This may be faster depending on workloads experienced by our processing team.
Generally speaking you will be told by Skand what the issues with the upload were and what is needed to rectify. This may mean only recapturing part of the capture but it may also mean an entire reshoot. There are many factors that go into the evaluation process but generally speaking the closer you have followed the steps outlined in the capture process the higher the likelihood of upload success.

Drone Booking Service & Uploading Your Own Images:

No. We provide this service for customers that don’t have their own drones or drone service providers.
Yes. We encourage this, as you will already have a relationship in place with them. The only thing that is important with using your own Drone Service Provider is that they follow our Capture process exactly. Failure to do so will likely end in a reshoot.
We will pass your details onto one of our Drone Service Provider (DSP) partners to get a quote. There is no obligation to use this company and you are free to compare them with other DSP’s. This process will take generally less than 72 hours from time of enquiry.
No. Skand is not involved in the commercial transaction of the capture between the DSP’s and its customers. There are too many moving parts for us to get involved I.E. weather checks, local regulators and site inductions just to name a few. Skand is only interested in the data that is produced.

AI and Defect Detection:

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. It is the process of using computers that have been trained to do a particular type of task. In Skand’s case that is machine learning for the identification of defects on a building envelope.
Our model is not perfect and in fact relies on a team of people to quality check the results of each and every Skan. Where the model has made a mistake our production team make the correction and the model learns from this.
Skand’s priority system is a general classification system intended as a starting point for each Skan. Each company will most likely have its own layers of processing risk into priorities. Because Skand is used in all parts of the world we needed to come up with a vanilla approach to classification that would ‘best fit’ each region. To do this we categorise defects into three priorities. Priority one means you should attend the defect immediately. Priority two means the defect should be assessed and rectified within 3 months and Priority three defects should be assessed and rectified when next on the asset or at Managements discretion.

Types of Skans:

At the time of launching we’re offering roof photo skan only. We will be introducing façade photo skan in the coming months and thermal shortly after that. We plan to have both photo and thermal skans implemented for all building surfaces by the end of 2018.
At Skand we believe in never saying never. But at this stage our intention is to be the best software platform for building envelope analysis from drone imagery in the world. And that is what we’re sticking to.

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